By Andrew Marr
The Warrior Angels Foundation will cease to exist come 1 January, 2020. 

We are helping forever change the way Traumatic Brain Injuries are diagnosed and effectively treated. Warrior Angels Foundation refuses to exist or raise funds after we accomplish this mission.



Steven Kotler defines exponential entrepreneurs as, “An exponential entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who is leaning on exponentially accelerating technology — so network sensors, AI, robotics, synthetic biology, 3D printing — these technologies that are all on exponential growth curves. They’re also relying on what we call exponential psychological tools. These are ways to think at scale, flow states, things along those lines. Things that let entrepreneurs to scale up their mental game like never before. And finally they’re also using exponential crowd-power tools. These are crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, centerprises, and community building, right, that let entrepreneurs get access to capital, get access to expertise, really scale up their reach farther than ever before. So an exponential entrepreneur is people who are using these three kind of categories to level up.”


Unlike governments, we’re a small decentralized, adaptable, strike force team who is applying………….CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY 

Next week is a big week for us and all veterans.  Thank you for your support to provide help to those that need it most.
De Oppresso Liber,
Andrew Marr
Warrior Angels Foundation