Concerned Veterans, Patriots and Members of Texas Vets Care for Health Care,

Originally, sources alerted us regarding an article to be published in USA Today on Friday, November 4. It is apparent, an editorial decision was made to hold the article until after the elections in an effort to achieve maximum impact and exposure. As experienced during the past campaign season, the media often manipulates and times the release of information for political and monetary purposes. We received information late this afternoon, the article will be published in the November 16th edition. Make no mistake, they are in business to sell newspapers and generate revenue, NOT improve veterans’ health care.

The President-Elect has yet to name who will man the helm at the Veterans Administration. As we have seen over the course of the last six months, there is considerable financial backing behind efforts to move veterans’ health care into “community delivered integrated networks,” formerly referred to as privatization.

Why should you be concerned?

Negative press, omitted information, along with escalated and inflammatory accusations “spin” a news story for the benefit of the newspaper, and most importantly NOT the individuals and groups contained in their reporting. Our nation’s veterans and their health care are in danger of being sold to the highest bidder. With the failure of the Affordable Care Act and statements of its repeal, coupled with the release of defamatory, incorrect, and inflammatory articles on the VA, you can bet the bidding war for the $61 billion in veterans’ health care will begin.

The VA North Texas Care Leadership Team, including Network Director Joseph Dalpiaz, and the Director Jeffrey Milligan, has worked diligently with input and the commitment of Stakeholders to enact critical and needed improvements for veterans seeking health care at the VA. Their successful efforts have impacted the over 120,000 veterans who receive treatment at the Dallas VA, making it one of the nation’s top facilities. They remain in close communication with a broad range of stakeholders and veterans to continue an exchange of innovative ideas and solutions for improvements, consistently placing VETERANS first, not headlines or politics.

The time for action is now! Make sure you are reading and reporting the facts about veterans’ health care and not misinformation that may be furthering the monetary interest of private sector healthcare conglomerates. As our last communication made note, the timing of the information is not accidental.

We continue our diligent watchfulness and faithful commitment to protect the future of veterans’ healthcare. Be aware, negative press and false reporting strengthen the case for “bold transformation.” We are adamantly opposed to a shift of power and leadership of the Veterans Administration Health Care from Congressional oversight and into the unelected hands of those who would profit off the backs of heroes.

Thank you for supporting our nation’s veterans!

Ken Watterson

Dallas Veterans Resource Center