Our Partners

The American Heroes Network has been chosen as the VSPC’s “Resource Directory” partner due to the outstanding Veteran and Military family Resources available though our network.

The Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel is a 24-hour, 7-day- a-week national broadcast channel designed by veterans and psychiatric professionals specifically for veterans, their  family members and supporters. The channel is designed to stop the alarming suicide rate of America’s veterans and to promote well-being amongst veterans and their family members. The channel offers shows created to inform, heal, refer and entertain.

We are proud that the VSPChannel was accepted into the Department of Veterans Affairs private online system on January 5, 2016, and is now available on all of their computers nationwide.


Testimonials & Support

Yesterday both of our SSVF grantees got a call from their VA liaison. They were told to revert to the original guidelines for qualifications. There was no explanation or reason for the change in policy. They were just told to go back to the original guidelines.

Gary, we have been in touch with our State and Federal representatives and with Charles’s help had visibility at Sec. Schinseki’s office regarding the abuse of this grant and nothing was happening. No one knew anything about it. We got the usual response of…we will look into it. Then we go on your radio program and one day later both of the organizations that have this grant were notified to use the original guidelines.

Gary, I have to believe that your radio station helped shine the light of day on this travesty and has made a difference. Believe me when I say that your program has helped save lives…you have helped to prevent suicides.  You have helped to reduce crime and even brought veterans to programs like ours where they will get the help they need.  We of course will never know how many but you did make a difference. Please let your listening audiences know how much we appreciate them and that we could not have done this without them. It is an honor to serve those who have served honorable.

Thank you,

Jerry Black

Founder and Director, VSCOA’s Camp Royal Oak

Dear Gary,

The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc & The Veterans Coalition supports the American Heroes Network, Inc and we request to be a “Network Support Partner.” We support the sales of AHN’s Loyalty Brands that will generate financial support for Veterans and their Families.

Peter J Forbes

U.S National Commander, Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc & the Veterans Coalition

I am writing this letter to show that Warriors for Freedom Foundation proudly supports American Heroes Network Inc. We also request to be a Network Support Partner. We also support the sales of AHN’s Loyalty Brands that generate funding for veterans and their families.


Brett Dick

President of Operations, Warriors for Freedom Foundation

Faith*Hope*Charity, Inc. a 501-C-3 non-profit organization providing housing and supportive services to over 2,000 homeless and at risk veterans since May 2000, supports the American Heroes Network Inc. and requests to be a Network Support Partner. We support the sales of AHN’s Loyaly Brands that will generate funding for veteran and their families.

Roy j. Foster

Executive Director, Faith*Hope*Charity, Inc.