Montana known for its beautiful Open Skies and fly fishing but there is an insidious processes going on that is based upon the 103,000 veterans that have decided to live there.

Montana veterans are having medical and mental health issues resulting in a statewide suicide rate of one veteran suicide every 36 hours, the highest rate in the nation.

The U.S. Veterans Administration is short staffed by 41,000 licensed medical personnel.

Licensed Montana emergency medical technicians (EMTs) desire to provide care to veterans, but current Montana laws forbid licensed EMTs from helping, stipulating that EMTs may provide care only in emergency situations.

Passage of this Initiative I-179 will allow EMTs (when acting under medical supervision) to provide unrestricted assistance to Montanans.
It also creates an additional license option for EMTs called Community Veteran EMT (CVEMT).
Receiving additional training, CVEMTs will be licensed to provide additional medical and mental health care assistance for veterans under medical supervision.
It would provide care for veterans who are hundreds of miles from care at a VA facility.

We need assistance in getting the word out so they can get the 30,000 signatures to put it on the November ballot. We are short on time and need a few thousand more signatures – Due June 2016.

Passage of Initiative I-179