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The Travis Manion Foundation

The Travis Manion Foundation assists our nation’s veterans and families of the fallen by empowering them to take the next step in their personal journeys and inspire the next generation of leaders. … Guest: Josh Jabin Listen... read more

Traumatic Brain Injury

Mark Gordon, M.D. presents A clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment May 11-12, Orlando Florida I am a hard man but I wept as I put this together. I wept for the lives and families saved, I wept for the lives and families we have lost, I wept for the hundreds of... read more

The Last Signal

A documentary about two World War II Veterans reuniting for the first time in 70 years after their inaugural voyage on Navy ship LST-218 . Guest:Kyle C. Olson.. Listen... read more

National Association of County Veterans Service Officers

The NACVSO will work collaboratively with the Department of Veterans Affairs and other nationally chartered veterans organizations to assure that veterans and their dependents receive the entitlements they deserve for the sacrifices they endured. Listen Now Guest: Jim... read more

Support Homeless Veterans, Inc.

Created in 2011 to combat the growing epidemic of homelessness among American Veterans, Support Homeless Veterans SHV is devoted to bringing quality of life to these forgotten heroes. Guest: Cara M. Colantuono Listen Now... read more

Reel American Heroes Foundation

The Reel American Heroes Foundation is a 100 percent volunteer 501 c 3 nonprofit foundation that works with both military hospitals and military bases to provide recreational therapy to our nation’s wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Disabled and Combat... read more

Combat Vets Helping Combat Vets

Combat Vets Helping Combat Vets provides assistance to military members and their families by helping them to overcome their struggles from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD and other psychological issues, in addition to transitioning to civilian life. Guest: Pepe... read more